Ways to Build Brand Awareness on Social Media

Inbound marketing strategies and brand awareness strategies shouldn’t trouble or disrupt your target audience. It should allow you to approach a wide range of people that may be becoming interested in your product or website.

1. Daily Social Posting - “The more you post the more people you will get”. However, you don’t need to write 1000 words for each post keep them short and sweet.

2.Hashtags - Hashtags are a great way to reach people who are searching for relevant keywords which may link to your account, on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest for example (#partytime)

3. @Mentions - By mentioning someone (@theirname) on your post allows the attention to come directly to your page. Also if they forward (Re-Tweet) or comment on your post you can reach their followers and invite them to your page.

4. Contests & Giveaways - Everyone loves things that are free, by giving away items you sell for free allows your customers try out your product and if they like them they @mention or use a hashtag to tag you in the post which draws more people to your account.

5. Polls & Surveys - This is a great way to get people involved as they love to share their opinion. You can post questions on Facebook and let people leave their answers in the comment section below.

“Personally these techniques worked really well for the accounts that are trying to advertise through social media, they have managed to get more people involved any time, anywhere, any age.”