New to GA4: Segment Overlap report

What is the Segment Overlap report?

This reporting technique provides an efficient way to compare user segments which could highlight some of the overlaps or relationships between them. Regardless of what your end results may be, you can always make use of it to further enhance your exploration techniques or Google Analytics reports.

Where can you locate the report in Google Analytics?

You can go about creating a segment overlap exploration by:

  1. Selecting the explore button on the left hand menu on Google Analytics 4.
  2. On the exploration screen, click the template gallery option.
  3. Choose from the modal, under techniques, the template of segment overlap.
Google Analytics 4 segment overlap report user interface example

Why is this report useful?

From analysing your findings, you may find that there is a potential to create further (new) segments or quite possibly to assist in the isolation of a specific segment.

Points to know:

  • A maximum of 3 segments can be used for comparison
  • A report can be broken down using another dimension such as country, age group, etc
  • A overlap can generate a new segment which can be later reused on the Google platform


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