Running PPC and search marketing ads is a great way to drive traffic to your business website and increase your sales, but most business owners aren’t familiar with how to do this themselves. Even if you could learn on your own and bootstrap an ad campaign together, when dealing with marketing it’s often best to hire a team of professionals. In the case of Bing ads, this means hiring a Bing ad agency to help you. Why should you work with a Bing ads agency? And how do you choose the right one for you? Read on below to find out.

Why should you work with a Bing ads agency?

First and foremost, Bing is a popular search engine and running Bing ads can expand the reach that your business has. Bing gets over 1.8 billion unique visitors every month making it one of the world’s most popular search engines. With so many people using Bing, however, running advertisements successfully is no easy task. Bing ads are what’s known as Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads, meaning simply you pay a fee for each person who clicks on your advertisement.

Microsoft doesn’t want to run ads that don’t get clicked, so they do what’s called an “auction” for specific search terms and the best ads get priority positioning on the search page, as well as a lower cost per click. Working with a professional Bing ads agency will ensure that your ads win keyword auctions, saving you money and driving traffic to your website.

How to choose a Bing ads agency

Just choosing to work with a Microsoft ads agency isn’t enough, it’s important to work with the right agency. There are a variety of factors involved in determining which ad agency is right for you, including pricing, target market, experience and more. The first thing to consider is your price range; while advertising is not an area you want to skimp out on, a reputable Bing ads agency that can still offer you good prices and promotional offers can be a huge asset to your business.

You’ll also want to take into consideration the size and target market of the Bing ad agency you’re considering working with. A large agency that typically appeals to large corporations might not be a good option for your small one-man business, and a small ad agency that only works with a few customers often won’t be a great idea for a large company.

How can Campaign Hero help?

CampaignHero is a Bing Elite Partner and has a team of qualified Bing ads professionals to help optimise your marketing strategy and grow your business. By far the most important metric in selecting your advertising partner is their experience and skill level, and CampaignHero is an award-winning agency with years of experience handling Bing ads. Let us handle your advertising campaign for you. You’ll thank yourself later!

CampaignHero also offers a variety of promotional offers and vouchers to help you save even more on your ad campaign.

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