Our mission at CampaignHero is to provide SME's around the world with access to digital marketing expertise.

As part of a wider digital marketing agency, Broadplace - we've worked with 1000's of SME's around the world to understand the unique needs and requirements SME's have for their digital marketing.

Over the years we've discovered that for many smaller businesses are excited to harness the power of more advanced digital marketing techniques but, don't have time to focus on that as well as the day to day running of their business. 

Additionally, for a small business, interacting with an agency may not always be an easy or particularly rewarding experience. Lengthy contracts, lack of transparency, and inflexible pricing all make it difficult for businesses to get access to the tool and expertise that can help them grow.

That is why over the last few years at CampaignHero, we've built a customer-facing app to solve that problem and help SME's manage their performance marketing in an easier way.

We want to gamify the experience, making digital expertise much more accessible to anyone than ever. Both in terms of accessibility, right from your mobile, and, in terms of value, whilst still keeping true to the core value proposition. “Helping a customer grow their business through more efficient marketing.”


We want to work closely with aspiring marketeers at all stages of their careers to provide useful, fun and insightful guides and advice on digital marketing. We believe in sharing our knowledge and helping provide access to our content and guides completely free for anyone who wants to learn about how to up their digital marketing game.


Automation has been a long-standing trend in digital marketing but often, it's only larger advertisers who have the time to implement automation, despite busy small business owners being the ones who would benefit most. Wherever possible, we at CampaignHero are looking to embed the latest machine learning and automation in our campaign recommendations so that our users have easy to manage campaigns that help save them time and money.


We are committed to providing the best, most convenient support we can - through our in-app chat support with certified digital marketing professionals, interactive video calls, and engaging video explainers - we believe that having an expert on hand to help is crucial to making your digital marketing campaigns a success.


Our in-app dashboards and reporting make transparency and visibility on your digital marketing campaigns simple. Our technology not only provides customizable dashboards for all the major ad platforms but also, provides an easy to read weekly "exec summary" so you know exactly how your campaigns are performing.


As an agency, we were constantly reminding our clients to think "mobile-first", yet the way we dealt with our own customers has largely remained the same for the last 20 years! We wanted to lead by example and put our customer needs first. That's why we stopped making PowerPoint meetings, or conference calls a requirement for our customers. We learned through testing that convenient, accessible information and support was what our users wanted - and we can best provide that through our app.


In addition to our free tutorials and videos, we provide a range of amazing value add-ons to support our users with more complex needs. We provide premium support for those users who want CampaignHero to take care of their monthly optimisation or, a specific one-off implementation we can help - no catches, no long contracts. Just incredible value for our users

We're really excited to keep growing our features, support and functionality and bringing our mission to reality with the support of our fantastic user base.


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