CampaignHero V2 is due to go live this October, and it’s our biggest upgrade yet! Our engineering team have been working hard throughout the last few months to bring a new and improved clean design, features and content to optimise new and existing users experience with CampaignHero. The new version is in the process of being rolled out to a small percentage of users and we’ll be upgrading you to the new-look CampaignHero soon for added features & benefits! We’re already on Android and you can now experience the app on desktop with our lightning-fast progressive web app (PWA). If you want to learn more about what CampaignHero is and how to access it on your device, just click here.

Home Screen Design

The newly designed home screen is a massive step from the old, with a clean-cut design to really help our users concentrate on their weekly performance and, the overall timeline of execution with their online advertising. Easily locate data in each tab placed at the bottom of the display to quickly dive through each section or, access the full-screen mode to easily layout your data. 

Improvements Tab

The improvements page now has an easier and more efficient way to help you improve your online advertising, with over 100+ suggestions (with more added every week) we now have the power to supply your account with the best digital marketing recommendations in order to improve and optimise your campaigns. With the updated improvements engine you can now decide with a simple swipe whether you want to learn more or snooze the improvement. Plus, improvements will now feature both text and video support to help you better understand the improvements that need to be made to optimise the account. 

In-App Chat Support

Our expert digital marketing team are available in-app to ensure that users are given the best possible support. We’re here to help with a huge array of questions from our users, for example, we’ve had businesses want to know about remarketing and how smart bidding works, as well as guidance on the best way to structure a campaign and deliver the results they want, that’s where our in-app chat feature comes into play. Any questions or ideas can be asked to one of our qualified, professional digital marketers on the CampaignHero team, and we will guide and support you in achieving your digital marketing goals.

CampaignHero Academy

The CampaignHero academy is streamlined to show off our range of new & improved content to help you improve your digital marketing skills, enabling richer insight into different aspects of digital marketing to teach businesses how to improve different areas of their digital strategy. The CampaignHero Studio will continue to bring you new videos, direct from our in-house customer success team plus, keep you up to date with changes and updates from within the marketing industry.


To help save our users precious time analysing data, we’ve tried to make the components as clear and informative as possible. 


We believe that digital marketing should be fun and rewarding so, we’ve introduced some achievements to keep you motivated and, reward all our users for every step they make optimising their digital marketing. By completing a certain task or action, you can collect achievement badges that you can view on the dashboard so keep an eye out for these as they appear to earn rewards and bragging rights!

What does this mean for Premium users?

For premium users, we have added two huge features in the form of a customised weekly video report that summarises your data and helps you understand performance in the most engaging way! Plus, we’ve made predicting future performance peaks or dips even easier with our “HeroSense” comparison graph. This allows users to compare their current performance with how they were doing last year at the same time to better forecast and predict future trends.

We hope that these powerful new features, combined with a clean re-design bring users a more effective experience with CampaignHero allowing you to confidently build your marketing with us, As a team, we truly value seeing businesses improve and grow and this redesign and launch helps bring us closer to that vision. We will continue to utilise your feedback and suggestions to carry on improving the app and improve user experience as well as implementing many more changes. Thank you to all our current users and to all our new, we look forward to working with you and your business.