This is our first blog post here at CampaignHero, and we can’t wait to discuss all things digital marketing! So keep an eye on our feed for new content coming soon.

Here at CampaignHero, we’re committed to giving every Small and Medium-sized enterprise (SME) access to a digital marketing consultant through a singular application. We understand that digital marketing is on the rise in our modern day, technology and social media are on the increase and businesses must be competent to keep up with the demands of their target audience.

That’s where we come in, CampaignHero will make managing your own Digital Marketing accounts easy. We will provide you with the real, actionable and beneficial tips, tricks and recommendations that will give your marketing a boost and help you grow your business.

We’ve taken a completely different approach towards managing your Google, Facebook and Bing Ads. We believe that delivering results to your business should suit the way you work whether it be with your phone, tablet or desktop.

Once your account(s) are connected our team analyse and send up to 50+ simple yet powerful improvements to help boost your digital campaigns and maximise your business revenue. Each week improvements will be sent based on your campaigns performances, formats and optimisations. We supply you with live chat support,(from a qualified professional like myself), weekly reports and free video tutorials with in-app training from the CampaignHero academy.

Honestly, this app does all the heavy lifting for you, it’s superior A.I technology aids to keep track of all your digital marketing campaigns in one place, you get to spend more time on the actions that matter and less time at looking at how to improve your campaigns – and all of this is completely free!

If I were you, I would have CampaignHero kept firmly in the pocket.